The Beginning

When you think of getting pregnant, most will say they just want an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. From that first time you see those two lines,, to the first doctors appointment where you officially hear the words come out of the doctors mouth, I think every woman deep down is nervous; nervous that everything will be all right.   When you hear that heart beat for the first time, you are able to breathe a little easier.   For me, that easy breathing lasted all of about five seconds before I saw the screen split.116A9757

I saw Efren, who was holding Camden turn to our doctor, turn back to me and we both turned back to her to get some sort of explanation of what we were seeing. She exclaimed, “There are two!” Efren became this ecstatic Dad while I was laying there in disbelief. When I heard the second heart beat, shock set in. My type A personality brain immediately began scrolling through how so much of our life would change. It was like a rolodex that wouldn’t stop. I think I semi-blacked out as we scheduled our next appointment and walked out of the room while Efren was singing to the beat of the song, “Shots” changing the lyrics to Twins, twins, twins twins, twins telling anyone and everyone the news. I followed closely behind still in disbelief that this is our new reality. I thought having twins was going to be the biggest hurdle at that time. The mere thought of having three babies under two and how we were going to survive was enough to make me break down on the way home. I wish I would have enjoyed that time more; enjoyed knowing that at that point, they were cooking and life was good. That there really was no true reason to worry.